WINTER 20/21

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Laya - "Where the Mountains are"

Bhutan - the kingdom of happiness, the highest mountain range on earth, over 70% forested area, cheerful, friendly people with a reverence for tradition and at the same time openness to modernity - there is hardly any other country on earth better suited to represent the maloja philosophy in a collection than this natural paradise in the Himalayas.

A small, Buddhist country, nestled in high mountains, with a population of less than a million, Bhutan was completely shielded from the outside world until about half a century ago and has thus preserved centuries-old values, traditions and way of life to this day.

During the gentle opening to the outside world, industrial growth and the monetary prosperity of the population was not the main focus, but rather the then ruling king declared "gross national happiness" to be the highest goal of the government. Thus, at the centre of all far-reaching government decisions are sustainable economic development, environmental protection, the preservation and promotion of traditions and values, and good, humane government and business management.

In the midst of this already sheltered country there is a village at 3800m, which can only be reached on foot and is still in its original state, called "Laya", which means "where the mountains are" and which gave its name to the new maloja collection. The inhabitants of the village, originally yak nomads who immigrated from Tibet, preserve ancient traditions and customs and dress in fascinating traditional costumes, whose stripe look and wrapping technique has directly influenced several pieces in this year's maloja collection.

Despite the traditional way of life in this remote mountain village, the population also quite naturally uses useful, newer technologies such as electricity or even mobile phones, builds new houses and there is even a road to Laya soon to be built. The maloja Laya collection combines traditional Bhutanese patterns, colours and symbolism and centuries-old clothing style with highly technical, state-of-the-art functional materials, thus representing the same synergy of tradition and modernity as Laya itself.



Impressions of the Layaps' daily life, such as the setting sun, the monks' clothing, the intense blue sky, baskets full of spices in the markets, inspired the colour palette of the Laya collection to create melodious names like 'golden sun', 'red monk', 'night sky' or 'chili'.

The Bhutanese garments Kira, for women, and Gho, for men, which are equal in tradition and value to the dirndl and lederhosen in Bavaria , are made of hand-woven, colourful panels of fabric, which are artfully wrapped, which is picked up in the Laya collection by block-stripe print, wrap-around look in the dirndl jacket, and a casually wide culotte, inspired by the wrap skirts of the Laya women.

The fascinating, old-established weaving patterns and geometric colour patterns that can be found on houses, are the inspiration for the ethnic print in the Laya collection pieces, and mythical characters of the venerable animals of Bhutan, such as snow lion and garuda, adorn elbows, belts or T-shirts.

This year, the traditional maloja star has been replaced by the symbolic heart, which can be found throughout the Laya women's collection as print, ornamental embroidery or geometrically abstract quilting pattern.

The plant world, the legendary lotus, cypresses and forests inspired the maloja creative team not only to create print patterns and colour choices, but also to incorporate even more renewable natural fibres such as hemp, organic cotton, yak and merino wool and even silk into the collection production.

The combination of a wonderful country and its inhabitants, who combine elements from East and West, tradition and modernity, Yin and Yang, and who enjoy life, nature and letting go of constraints and stress, is reflected in this wonderful new maloja collection.


Laya - 'where the mountains are'. Who wouldn't want to be there too?

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The collection „Laya – Where the Mountains Are“ is inspired by a country where everything revolves around the happiness and contentment of its people. Furthermore it is about Bhutan, a country where everything revolves around the happiness and contentment of its people.