How it all began

Maloja started out as a philosophy of life and stands for so much more than just an outdoor clothing label. Maloja embodies joie de vivre, beautiful moments shared with good friends, created through curiosity for life, and the courage to embark on unconventional  journeys. Maloja represents the feelings felt on a perfect day spent in nature and friends and family.

In 2001 a group of close friends went on a trip to an unknown ski area of the Engadin, Switzerland. The trigger for it had been a stunning picture on the internet, showing the perfect, lonely snowboard slope with finest powder snow and sparkling sunshine.

It was the small town Maloja which exerted this magical attraction and rewarded the friends with perfect powder snow, a steep slope, and a single, tiny platter lift.

The reality surpassed the photo by far. The picture-perfect day remained as a memory of pure joie de vivre, and the place name Maloja began to become the epitome for everything positive life has to offer.

From the winged word in the circle of friends for beauty and joy for life, developed the company philosophy. It is worthwhile to walk unusual paths and the perfect day needs nothing more than courage, creativity and good friends. When the company started up, it was only logical to choose the word Maloja as it’s name.