MALOJA Good Morrow Hiking
MALOJA Good Morrow Hiking
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Maloja Mountainbike

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From the very beginning,  Sportschrank Aschau we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to the Maloja brand, an outdoor label that is so much more than just a clothing brand.

Maloja stands for pure joie de vivre, the perfect day with friends on the cross-country ski trail, the slope or freeride, the steep mountainside for climbing, bouldering or hiking, gravel paths and roads for mountain biking or running, or simply as a casual fashion statement with a feel-good effect in your daily leisure time. 

The brand is characterised by state-of-the-art technology in the textile sector, combined with modern, cuts sparkling with individuality and originality and thus stands out clearly from the mainstream outdoor clothing label.

All Maloja articles combine high functionality with versatility in use, and the creative team of the Chiemgau-based company is inspired every year by a nature-oriented theme to create a collection in which you simply feel good. 

70% of the production takes place in small, mostly family-run, European companies in close partnership with maloja, whose employees take care of quality control on site to guarantee compliance with the self-imposed high standards.

Maloja uses exclusively high-quality textiles, the latest high-tech functional materials, high-quality accessories and, for the most part, certified organic fabrics, according to the independent bluesign standard.

As a responsible employer and producer, Maloja places the highest value on fair working conditions and is 100% committed to the guidelines of internationally valid codes of conduct and observes concepts for sustainable production and environmental protection.

Maloja is the brand that makes enjoying any sport outdoors a pure pleasure with a clear conscience.