Summer 2020

Winter 2020/21

Maloja men's summer fashion

Subtle Statement

Our classic CharetschM. T-shirt is made of organic cotton. The patched diagonal chest pocket is a real show-stopper. It combines two ethnic Laya patterns that resonate with the theme of our collection.


With an integrated canvas belt, elastic leg cuffs and shaped knees, PuzpanM. pants are inspired by bouldering but also work great in the urban outdoors. We use our hemp stretch material, made of hemp, organic cotton and a small amount of spandex, which provides addition comfort and freedom of movement. 

Polo Re-imagined

The PeterschiglM. long-sleeve shirt combines the simple stripe design of the classic polo shirt with a modern, unturned bomber jacket collar, with a chest pocket patch accented by the collection label.

A mountain classic

A large tonal embroidered patch adorns our classic crew neck sweatshirt, featuring the motif of the Laya mountains. For Maloja, mountains have always been a tell-tale motif and we look for new variations for every collection. In a creative workshop for our Laya collection we came up with this stylised silhouette – using lasagne noodles on an overhead projector. 


The Himalayan cypress is the national tree of Bhutan. These state trees can often be found near monasteries and temples, as they were planted there hundreds of years ago. The nearly 30-metre evergreen cypresses grow to heights of almost 3,000 metres, often towering above nearby plants and trees. Their imposing appearance inspired this print covering of our light summer shirt. The half placket and narrow band collar give SarnM. a clean look. 

Casual Comfort

Hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester make up the super-soft material we use for our casual NiculinM. leggings. The loose cut provides that true feel-good factor.

Everyday Commute

We’ve packed every feature into ColturaM. to create commuter pants for everyday city cycling. The waist has a slightly higher cut at the back, the hem width is adjustable, the side zips provide good ventilation and reflective details make sure you’ll always be seen in the dark. Thanks to the lightweight stretch portion, our cotton twill material is also elastic and perfect to wear while cycling.