A limited edition from available residual fabrics from previous collections

Those who know us will know that we respect the past, create the new - and in doing so, follow our own path. With the "Leftover Puzzle Collection", which we are presenting to you today, we are doing this once again: All products from this line are made of leftover fabrics from previous collections, which - provided with current cuts - may experience a second spring.



As the name of the collection suggests, the work on the individual styles was a real jigsaw puzzle: in the fabric warehouse of our subsidiary VioModa there were still some real treasures lying dormant, some in very small quantities. Out of love for these "leftovers", which are the result of the production of textiles, our designers fiddled around until they really used up as much fabric as possible. This resulted in 15 articles with a total of 3,168 products in various colour combinations. Some of them are really only available in very small editions, sometimes we even had to limit the sizes.

But with the "Leftover Puzzle Collection" we do not only want to contribute to environmental protection and honour our fabrics to the last meter. With this campaign, we have created scope to give our production staff a special bonus in the Corona year.




Anyone who is interested in a reunion with colours from previous collections such as "sahara" (Mountain Nomads), "cadillac" (Rock & Roll), "wood" (Beyond the Mountains), "cherry blossom" (The Alpan Way) or "cliff" (Dialas) may find a new favourite piece: